Wonder what would happen if the above statement read like this?


Why is this okay to diminish white people not black or brown? Look at the state of our nation and the number of black/brown people who have been pushed through the educational systems with degrees, etc., and are not qualified – especially in government jobs?

Maybe “we need to have a “romance the stone” moment” to save the nation? Whoever made this statement is not qualified to hold the position that made this statement. OUT WITH THIS RACIST.

Royal Patriot

School Says Unqualified White People Are Applying For Too Many Jobs

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A superintendent working at a Maine school wrote in an email that white people felt “empowered” to apply for jobs they were not qualified to do, according to the Daily Wire. In an April email, Heather Perry, superintendent of Maine’s Gorham School District, was discovered writing to social justice advocate Farausi Cherry on hiring practices. Cherry sits on the Anti-Racist Advisory Subcommittee of the Gorham School Committee.

“We often do have candidates who are not fully certified apply, but I’ll be honest, that is often because they are white candidates who feel ’empowered’ to do so,” Perry wrote in the email, which was obtained through the state’s Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) by a concerned father, Eric Lane.

Perry went on to write to Cherry that when job posters put “experience preferred,” those from marginalized communities might not feel welcome to apply.

“Bottom line…these are ALL THINGS I would LOVE feedback on from the Anti-Racism & Equity Committee,” Perry urged.

After obtaining the email, Lane reportedly submitted a formal complaint against the superintendent to the school, which is not the first time Perry has had parents complain about her. In the letter, Lane wrote that “Presuming to know the motives, background or character of an individual based on the color of his or her skin is racist.”

Lane then met with the superintendent over a Zoom call to discuss her comment, which Perry said Lane took out of context. Perry then concluded the 10-minute-long meeting, saying that no resolution was going to come from it.

Perry claimed that in her meeting she explained that the Gorham School Department does not make employment decisions based on race but that her comment was directed toward job postings and “ensuring a diverse workforce.”

The superintendent has had run-ins with Lane before, who once urged staff to make Lane jump through hoops after he tried to get gender identity posters removed from his daughter’s sixth-grade classroom. Perry emailed staff to “slow the process down” on Lane’s request.

The next month, Lane attended a school board meeting where he accused them of “encouraging children to be woke activists and fight for change.” The father is now calling for an independent investigation to “evaluate the level of corrupt behavior in this school district to restore faith in the staff.”

Other parents have also taken issue with the board on gender ideology in their children’s school.


This is racist.


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