You should be worried about the following right now.

Jim – I am disappointed in you. What is this all about?


Jim Jordan just sent one letter that left Biden’s cronies at the FBI and Justice Department trembling in fear
November 4, 2022

Joe Biden turned the Department of Justice and the FBI into his political enforcers.

From raiding Mar-a-Lago to storming the homes of pro-life activists, Biden is using federal agencies to go after anyone who gets in his way.
But Jim Jordan just sent one letter that left Biden’s cronies at the FBI and Justice Department trembling in fear.
Polls continue to show that a potentially massive red wave is building ahead of Tuesday’s Midterm elections.

Republicans only need to flip one seat in the Senate and five in the House to take back Congress from Pelosi and Schumer.
Although control of the Senate is still considered a toss-up, Republicans are now predicted to take back control of the House of Representatives from Nancy Pelosi.
On the House side, the only question is how large of a majority will the Republicans hold in the next Congress.

But a GOP majority in the House means more than just putting an end to Joe Biden’s socialist agenda.

Joe Biden weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI to help Democrats win the 2024 Presidential election by putting his opponent in jail.
With Democrats in control of Congress, Republicans lack the ability to hold Biden and his cronies accountable.

However, if the GOP regains the majority in the House, Republicans have already promised to investigate the corruption at the Justice Department and FBI.
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) will serve as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee in a Republican majority.

It is the role of the House Judiciary Committee to lead the investigations into the FBI and Justice Department.

On Wednesday, Jim Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray listing just a few of the many investigations into the agencies the Committee plans to conduct should Republicans take the majority.
“We are conducting oversight of the Department of Justice’s operations and actions concerning various matters,” the letter began. “As a part of this oversight, Committee Republicans have sent letters to Departmental components requesting documents and information on several issues.”
Jordan then listed off just a few of the investigations being planned, such as “the Department’s targeting of journalists with Project Veritas, the Department’s one-sided enforcement of the FACE Act, and the Department’s unprecedented raid on President Trump’s residence.”
Jordan said Americans deserve accountability and transparency from law enforcement and the Presidency.

Jordan then formally requested Garland and Wray “preserve all existing and future records and materials in your possession relating to the topics addressed in this letter.”
The letter included an appendix of outstanding requests accumulated over the past year, including “an explanation whether the resources and personnel of this new domestic terrorism office is being used or will be used to target concerned parents at local school board meetings.”

The FBI’s corrupt leadership was exposed during Trump’s Presidency.
It’s been on full display under Joe Biden.

But if Republicans take back the House as predicted, Biden and his cronies at the Justice Department and FBI could end up paying a severe price.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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