Was REID a token graduate of Harvard? –

The Urban Dictionary states inflation – SOMETHING THAT YOU FILL WIH AIR OR GAS. This surely describes Reid – she is filled with air and gas.

Urban Dictionary: Inflation
Nov 29, 2013 · Something that you fill with air or gas. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.

Why is she lying and misleading people?

My Webster’s Dictionary – first published in 1809 states the definition of INFLATION is – disproportionate and relatively steep and sudden increase in the quantity of money and credit or both to the amount of exchange business..

Again, Urban Dictionary: Inflation
Nov 29, 2013 · Something that you fill with air or gas. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.

Reid was born Joy-Ann Lomena in Brooklyn, New York City. Her father was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and her mother a college professor and nutritionist from Guyana.


FOX News

Voters mock MSNBC’s Joy Reid for ‘ridiculous’ claim about inflation: ‘They think we’re stupid’
Amy Nelson


MSNBC’s Joy Reid sparked anger from both Republican and Democratic voters for claiming that the GOP taught Americans the word “inflation.”

Joy Reid angers voters with ‘absurd’ inflation remark
A bipartisan panel of voters sounded off Friday on the liberal pundit for suggesting the public doesn’t understand the economy.

On MSNBC Thursday, Reid said the word “inflation” isn’t part of common language.

“Most people who would have never used that word ever in their lives are using it now because they’ve been taught it. Including on TV, including in newspapers, they’ve been taught this word,” Reid said.

Joy Reid claims everyday Americans never heard the word ‘inflation’ until GOP made it a campaign issue

Margaret Nichols, who said she’s a Democrat, laughed and called Reid’s assertion “absurd” as many Americans are feeling the impact of inflation firsthand.

“It’s ridiculous that we’re being told that we’re taught this or fed this through the media as though we aren’t intelligent, individual people that understand what’s happening around us and what’s happening in our pocketbooks,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

Inflation has become a top issue for an increasing number of Americans in the days leading up to the midterm. A Quinnipiac survey showed 36% of adults said inflation is the most urgent issue in America.


(Is this the radio station that Joy Reid listens to.)


Audience was primarily Hutu
The radio station was called RTLM, but many remember it as simply Hutu Radio because its audience was primarily Hutu. According to Hutu radio, Tutsi people were responsible for virtually every bad thing that ever happened in Rwanda. Tutsis had way too much money.

Republican voter Frank Gregory explained that the American public is living with inflation every day, despite being told that they may not understand the situation.

“American voters are not stupid people,” he told host Will Cain. “These people in their ivory towers, they’re the ones with no concept, and they think we’re stupid.”

Beth Parlato, a lifelong Republican voter, said the key problem behind most issues heading into the election is the inability to debate and discuss with people of opposing viewpoints in a friendly, cordial manner.

“I’ve always been a conservative, and you’re a liberal, and we’re able to have a conversation,” she said to a liberal panelist.

Parlato stressed the necessity of discussing real problems like inflation with all viewpoints in order to come to an understanding and possibly work toward solutions.

“That’s what has to happen, because I think that when we come to the table, when we have real conversations, we agree on a lot,” she said.


Never watch MSNBC – they are completely out of the loop of Democracy because they are filled with jungle hate. The Democrats, we know, turn their agenda around and blame Repub’s when everything they do is wrong.


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