POLITICS TUCKER: Democrat Affirmative Action Agenda Embarrasses Us On The World Stage

“Affirmative action is not only the very definition of racism. It’s also highly embarrassing in its particulars.”

By Gabriel Keane

“If you’ve got a meritocratic society, it’s pretty hard to play race politics because race plays no role in advancement,” Carlson said. “Individual initiative is what matters. Group interests are irrelevant in a meritocracy.”

“Now, that may sound idyllic to you,” Carlson said. “It may sound like the kind of country you’d want to live in, but for the Democratic Party, it was a disaster. How do you get your voters to the polls if they’re not racially aggrieved? It’s hard.”

Carlson continued, “Democrats introduced a new concept. They called it ‘affirmative action.’ The idea was to punish or reward Americans based on the color of their skin.”

He noted, “Ironically, this was precisely the evil practice that the civil rights movement was designed to abolish. Racial discrimination was unequivocally wrong.”

“Oh, but no, said Democrats slyly repainting the slogans on the barn, actually, racial discrimination can be good,” Carlson said. “It all depends on who’s being discriminated against. That was their argument.”

“That is still their argument more than 50 years later, but even now, after all of this time, most people, if you explain it clearly, don’t really buy it,” Carlson said. “‘Wait, I can’t have a job or get into college or get a federal contract because I was born with the wrong skin color? That sounds wrong.’”

“And of course, they’re right,” Carlson added. “Affirmative action is wrong. It’s totally immoral.”

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“Affirmative action is not only the very definition of racism. It’s also highly embarrassing in its particulars,” he continued. “The closer you get to it, the more embarrassing it is. When you elevate people on the basis of their appearance, you tend not to get very impressive people. Why would you? Unless you’re buying sunscreen, skin tone is a totally irrelevant criterion.”

“[Supreme Court Justice Sonia] Sotomayor openly concedes that she got her job because of affirmative action,” Carlson noted. “She was completely and demonstrably unqualified for the position. Obama chose her because of the way she looked. Now, that may sound deranged, but it actually happened. No one disputes it.”

Carlson then noted that during oral arguments over a Supreme Court case on affirmative action, Sotomayor “repeatedly confused the terms ‘de facto’ and ‘de jure’ in a blunder that “no first-year law student would ever make.”

“It doesn’t happen because the terms have entirely different meanings. ‘De facto’ means something that’s not in the law but happens anyway,’ Carlson said. ‘”De jure’ means something that is happening that is sanctioned by the law. See the distinction? Of course, you do, and you’re not even a Supreme Court justice. But Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t see it.”

“We have racial segregation under the law in America? That’s what Justice Sonia Sotomayor just said,” Carlson said. “Why is this woman wearing a robe? Even after Justice Alito corrected her, Sotomayor kept saying it was de jure segregation. She said de jure segregation in 2022. Jim Crow is still on the books.”

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Carlson concluded, “This is the society that affirmative action has created. Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t know what ‘de jure’ means. Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t define what a woman is. “


Who is the top advisor mentioned in the above paragraph – is that a threat?

How can you respect those people when you know they do not have the credentials to make decisions that effect people’s lives?


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