Nothing but rants and raves by hate mongering Democrats/

Democrats like Ryan continue to use their flame thrower words and try to ignite the match; but, the match needs heat to ignite. This woman is one cold turkey.


Voters see through this charade. The April Ryan’s of the world aren’t fooling anyone. Voters know what’s happening. Crime is skyrocketing. We’ve lost control of our southern border. Inflation is financially destroying American families. Progressive policies are destroying America.

However, in a few days, Americans will begin to reclaim our nation. After being swept away by a “red wave” of Republican victories, liberals will do what they do best; whine and complain. None of them are winners. They’ve become a sad sack of sore losers.


Ryan needs some new tactics like showing love to fellow Americans. A little love goes a long way. Americans keep pulling the wagon for these people; but, they are blinded by hate running through their veins. As Billary Clinton remarked – WE BE GETTIN’ TIRED OF PULLING THIS LOAD.


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