Kommonsentsjane – Hillary Clinton Stresses The American People Are Too Ignorant to Grasp The Importance of The Midterms

11/03/2022 PM

She never learns from her mistakes. Whining and graveling.

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For your information. Billary’s mind is so twisted – it is like those ties on our bread. When you try to untwist it – it is hard to find where the twist starts.

She always shows her true colors – she thinks she is smarter than anyone.  May God Bless her and one day show her the way.


John A Pappas

Hillary Clinton is at it again, because the American people are about to defeat her Marxist friends at the polls in the upcoming midterm elections, we are too ignorant to understand the importance of the midterm election. Joe Biden and his Marxist cronies have put America in a destructive mode and because the American people feel the pain of inflation, higher fuel prices, higher interest rates whereas buying or selling a house is for the moment a far, gone, conclusion, the destruction of our southern border and you know I can write pages about this and so can the American people but Hillary Clinton has gone out of her way to call We The People ignorant, but you see that’s what Marxists do, constantly stirring the pot. Hillary and her Marxist friends just cannot accept defeat, there is a tremendous red wave approaching in just a few days.

The following…

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1 Response to Kommonsentsjane – Hillary Clinton Stresses The American People Are Too Ignorant to Grasp The Importance of The Midterms

  1. markone1blog says:

    Sounds like she said the quiet part out loud. Isn’t that what the Democrats are counting on?


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