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It doesn’t take a genius to see what is happening in the election process. The left folks are attaching candidates to positions, just like the heads of dept in our government who are not qualified, like slick-talking Obama, who started out as a community organizer and look what they have done to our country.

Time to close the door on people who are not qualified. They are ignorant or they wouldn’t be supporting communism/socialism.

The hitch is they apply the word DEMOCRAT before which is suppose to bleach what it really is.

It is what it is, folks.

Vote Republican AND punish the Democrats who stole the 2020 election and put the present people in power who are trying to reduce our country to rubble. They are the TRASH who are not qualified.

Look at what they are doing in Biden’s name (Susan Rice) while Obama is walking behind him.

Time to spray for roaches.

We can do this if everyone voting will vote for a Republican to change the course of our country in what was carried forward (an insurrection) by the traitors – Democrats/Obama/Biden/Schumer/Pelosi/et al.


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