Oh! What a difference a day makes?

It was my impression that when he spoke those words – it was to help our country – not himself to make money selling a book.

It seems like that the bulk of the people who worked for President Trump – worked for him to “get some goodies” and write a book. Remember – President Trump worked on both sides of the aisle to make history by achieving more FOR OUR COUNTRY than any President in history – MAGA. And, the whole time the left was continuing their work to BRING DOWN OUR COUNTRY.

Remember that when you go and vote in the MID TERMS.

Never saw Pence trying to help President Trump or the country. He should have tried to be a mentor instead of now trying to mow the grass which were sowed by the hate seeds he planted.

Only thing I can think of that struck me during his time with President Trump is – that he and his wife had an agreement that he would not have lunch one on one with any woman.

Holy cow!


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