My Opinon – This was the Susan Rice/Obama/Democrat’s “BROWN/BLACK REVOLUTION” if you have noticed on TV since Jan 6. Plain/simple. History will prove it.


UAF Report
Answers Surface As To Why Democrats Lied About Trump’s National Guard Offer

Never in the 233-year history of the United States of America has there ever been a spectacle so absurdly biased as the January 6 commission. The Nancy Pelosi-orchestrated commission is a total sham. The entire premise behind January 6 is a sham.

Democrats have leveraged a protest gone awry into a full-blown persecution of conservative Americans. As the commission prepares to close the book on its “made-for-TV” fabrication, the truth about what happened is becoming clearer.

As Republicans prepare to take back control of Capitol Hill, investigations into what really happened that fateful day will finally take place. Until then, this scam commission tries to push its single goal, slander and defame President Donald Trump.

But in their efforts to discredit the popular former president, they may have sealed their own fates. The foundations of the commission’s arguments, arguments that deny any right to rebuttal, are that President Trump is responsible for the violence.

He was not. There is evidence of President Trump encouraging his supporters to disperse peacefully. But for some strange reason, the situation erupted. The commission has ignored evidence that federal agents actually helped to incite violence.

But there clearly could have never been any violence at all. President Trump knew in advance that millions of Americans were angry. Voters watched as Democrats stole the presidential election from President Trump. They were rightfully mad.

With the level of anger in the air, President Trump wanted to take steps to ensure the protesters remained peaceful. His plan would have totally prevented protest infiltrators from inciting violence. He offered Nancy Pelosi the services of the National Guard.

Nancy Pelosi had the sole right to accept or refuse this help. She knew exactly what she was doing. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal co-conspirators didn’t want to prevent the protests from turning violent. In fact, they had strategically placed operatives to make sure it happened.

Why would Pelosi and the Democrats need to lie about this? What motivation could Democrats have for preventing the National Guard from securing the Capitol? The presence of troops would have essentially guaranteed that the violence would never have happened.

Why did the upper leadership of the Democrat Party want violence? By offering thousands of National Guard troops, President Trump clearly did not want violence. Knowing this fact says everything about the Democrats’ insistence that President Trump is somehow responsible.

The President of the United States offered the necessary preventive measures against any potential violence. Nancy Pelosi flat out rejected his offer. It was refused because violence was the plan all along. That’s why Nancy Pelosi refused the help. She is directly responsible.

She and her radical liberals didn’t want to hinder the violence. They wanted to create a spectacle that they could use as a weapon against President Trump.


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