October 28, 2022

Follow up on this topic which was printed on October 27, 2022 in the Kerrville Daily Times:

Reactions to thoughts on elected leaders
Verna Benham Oct 26, 2022

Identified by initials only, the following is worthwhile commentary from good friends who hold widely separate views on our national situation. Some think politics are too nasty to deserve any of their attention or time. These are not those people. They care, they think, and some of them write.

LP: Wow! I’ll bet you did get some “issue” with this column — too bad, because one cannot fix a problem unless one looks at it honestly and accepts that it truly is a problem. Thank you for having the courage to be the salmon swimming against the current.

TS: Verna, I understand that you believe America’s future is being compromised by certain decisions of the Biden administration. I know that our nation’s well-being is of primary importance to you. That so, I expected you to write on the House hearings regarding Jan. 6. Surely these touched compellingly on serious threats to America.

VB: I don’t support violent attacks, whether on the Capitol, the police or people of a certain race or religion. Reasoned protests are more likely to aid understanding and reconciliation. On learning that the hearings were pretty one-sided, I didn’t watch them.

EW: I admire and like many parts of you, but I don’t agree with your belief that Biden is a Potemkin village with the wizard Obama being the real inhabitant of it. I do not believe that our government is “fraudulent.” Someday, I look forward to a column from you that lists two things the administration has done that you agree with.

TL: It’s pretty obvious, I think, that Biden is being controlled by people with a socialist agenda, and I appreciate your coming out and saying it. That said, you’ll no doubt catch hell for it.

VB: Somebody has to bring this into the open.

TL: Yes, but mainstream columnists, even if they agree, shy away from saying it in print.

VB: During his campaign, it was said Biden’s long congressional experience would enable him to promote bipartisanship. Straight from the inauguration, he signed a virtual leftist “manifesto.” Among other things, it killed a pipeline and exploration areas needed to provide sufficient oil for our basic needs with excess capacity for others and opened wide our southern border.

Next came trillions in reckless spending, causing serious inflation, and a departure from Afghanistan that was a game-changer for world security. Perceiving weakness, enemies moved swiftly toward their goals.

All of this was puzzling: warned against, pursued anyway, and it caused great harm, particularly to the most vulnerable. Why absolutely refuse course corrections?

CW: You lost me on this one. I cannot relate to your assumptions about what is happening and the motivations of our elected leaders.

VB: Are they elected? I’ve spent months questioning. Biden doesn’t appear capable of having crafted these policies; they are very leftist.

The 1966 Cloward-Pivin Strategy jolted me with plausible explanation: It recommends mobilizing masses of the poor to overwhelm government agencies with demands beyond their capacity to meet; also a federal program of guaranteed living income for all, working or not. It envisions every major city in fear, turmoil, violence, nearing economic collapse — perfect conditions for radical change. (To what? The great reset, a global liberal order?)

Just as we were ending fighting communism in the Cold War, a plan was presented to achieve leftist domination within.

JC: As usual, we’re at opposite ends of the goings-on. To me, having Obama as a sort of “prop” because of his magnetism has been paramount. Biden would like to be more forceful, but as we know, the president can’t just make a decision on things.

VB: Obama’s little skit imagining a ceremonial president out front while actually controlling policy apparently amused many. Outrageously audacious for him, or anyone else, would be to implement that idea. But what are we seeing? If this is happening, the American people deserve to know. It’s illegitimate.

PK: Now I understand why Obama bought that home in DC. This has been planned all along; as far as the other Democrats going along, it’s all about money and power. We have got to stop this somehow. I pray God will give us some answers.

VB: I share that prayer.

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill

Verna Benham, Kerrville resident, spent 20 years traveling the globe, as U.S. Foreign Service employee, then wife of foreign correspondent Joe Benham. She lived in Bolivia, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

October 27, 2022

Question to Senator Ted Cruz – who is in charge of the nuclear suit case at this point since Biden is not coherent at times?


October 25, 2022

Lookie/lookie – who has the cookie – Susan Rice who works for Biden is the pipeline to Obama. and calling the shots.

Definition – Lookie/lookie – It means “listen to what I have to say next, because it is something that you were unware of or had previously been ignoring.”

Someone else’s point of view:

Maybe Verna Benham has a point

Just read a couple of letters to the editor criticizing Ms Benham’s column for suggesting that Obama is the person pulling the strings at the White House. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

For many months I’ve been thinking that our leader being so weak, lost, feeble and seemingly senile, that the idea that someone else is pulling the levers of power seems reasonable. As a matter of fact, who is the “White House” that keeps retracting and correcting what our leader says publicly? Is it possible that the Wizard of Oz has taken residence at the White House? Just saying.


This was supposed to be HUMOR?


Why was this October 19th article not considered a conspiracy:

What proof does this October 19th article person have to say that “Obama is not the hidden person?”

He didn’t state anything to prove his point?

When a government is questioned – it is considered a conspiracy; but, yet, this person can call the October 12th article a conspiracy and then the October 12th article is not available to be able to read it?


Americans, wake up; we’ve been had
Verna Benham Oct 12, 2022

Wednesday morning, I read, “Isaiah, take off your clothes and sandals!” Not just then, but for three years, he was to walk around naked and barefoot. Good grief! Aren’t you glad you’re not an Old Testament prophet?

This was to warn Egypt and Ethiopia that the King of Assyria was going to march them off to exile, nakedly “exposed to mockery and jeers.”

Why would Israel be alarmed? They were counting on Egypt and Ethiopia to save them from similar treatment — by the Vladimir Putin of that day. Isaiah surely must have attracted notice.

How do we grab attention in today’s media overload? Maybe I just did, with a headline and first paragraph that’s not my usual fare.

I had expected a far stronger reaction to last week’s column. Perhaps, some stopped wading through my careful account of disastrous policies and actions and either missed, or wished to avoid, its conclusion: “The Biden Administration has operated strangely: Biden out front, guided and occasionally corrected by ‘the White House.’ Who? All of the above policies have greatly harmed the country, and there’s no change. This looks like intentional work toward a very different vision for” America.

Readers sent material giving compelling clues to my unanswered questions. The likely person behind our president is former President Barack Obama. As he was nearing the end of two presidential terms, he was interviewed by several talk show hosts. Barack is interesting, articulate, charming and can be very funny — perfect for such shows.

One of them asked, “Wouldn’t you like a third term?”

Barack started talking of what would be an ideal way to conduct the presidency. Out front would be someone to do all the ceremonial duties and speeches; he’d have something in his ear by which Obama would tell him what to say. They continued imagining how fun this would be, over which someone floated a video of Biden giving a speech. Is this how an idea was born — and bore fruit?

On another show, Barack was asked why the Obamas planned to live in D.C. He said they didn’t want to move one of their daughters to a different school half-way through high school. Was that all?

If, as it appears, Barack Obama is enjoying a third term as a hidden president, this is entirely illegitimate, but I suspect known to many in D.C. Obama’s rare appearance at a social event showed everyone gathering around him and Biden left standing alone. Democrats, media, intelligentsia, entrenched bureaucracy might not object.

One wonders how they’ve kept it from those who would — and the country at large.

Another email contained information by Wayne Root, who, like Obama, graduated in 1983 from Colombia University. Their curricula included the Cloward-Pivin Strategy, “The Weight of the Poor, A Strategy to End Poverty,” written in May 1966 by Colombian sociologists, members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

While the State Department focused on winning the Cold War, this socialist plan (designed to look like help for the downtrodden) sought to destroy America’s capitalist system from within. Tactics begun then, and continued until now, include mobilizing poor people in mass movements to overload government agencies with impossible demands. Aggressive organizers greatly increased those receiving welfare, health care and rights to vote. Our wide-open border has provided chaotic numbers — and the crime, violence and destruction they pictured for our major cities. The ultimate goal is to crash the whole capitalistic system and replace it with something socialistic.

The Isaiah passage continued, “How are we going to get out of this?”

How very contemporary, that question. The Jewish people were in for a rough time before Isaiah was able to say, “Dear Israel, you’ve been through a lot. The good news from God, … within a year, the brutality of these hooligans will be over.”

How I wish a modern-day prophet could affirm such assurance to the Ukrainians — and the rest of the world.

I’ve been reluctant to connect these dots, but they’ve fallen into place. Puzzling refusal to change exceedingly harmful policies began to make sense on learning motivation and goal. What happens now depends on how many Americans see that, at the very least, this needs investigation. Heads in the sand won’t win against determined activism.

At stake is the survival of our country. A good first step would be to resoundingly vote this administration out of congressional power. A legal way might then be found to depose a fraudulent government.

Verna Benham, Kerrville resident, spent 20 years traveling the globe, as U.S. Foreign Service employee, then wife of foreign correspondent Joe Benham. She lived in Bolivia, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.


Writer espouses conspiracies about the current administration
Oct 19, 2022

Well, Verna Benham (in her Oct. 13 column in The Kerrville Daily Times) is now actively promoting conspiracy theories — that Barack Obama is the “hidden president” of the United States and calls the present administration a “fraudulent government” that should be removed. And her evidence for all this? A failure by the Biden administration to change policies she doesn’t agree with.

I’m not sure why The Times continues to give voice to this nonsense. I am sure Ms. Benham is a nice person, but it is time for her column to go. It is OK to have an opinion, but it goes beyond the pale to espouse (…) conspiracy theories and continue to assert the present administration is illegitimate. That issue was long ago settled.


What is this person afraid of – that it is true – that something untoward is going on?


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