Biden’s Democratic Party have blatantly weaponized incompetence of our country.

Vote Republican in the mid-term elections.

What’s The Most Blatant Example Of Weaponized Incompetence You’ve Ever Seen From Someone?


Look: We all have things we clearly don’t want to do. After all, adulting — and life in general — is hard
However, even though no one really wants to do adulting-like things, there are some people who purposely choose to pretend not to know how to do something (or do something poorly on purpose) so they can get out of doing said responsibility. This practice, my friends, is called weaponized incompetence.

And because this tactic, unfortunately, can be fairly common, we want to know if you’ve experienced a time when someone — maybe: a co-worker, partner, family member, friend, etc. — did exactly that.
And while it’s completely fair for a partner or co-worker to miss or not fully understand how to do something, it’s not fair for someone to consistently practice this behavior to avoid doing a task because they simply don’t want to do it.

For example, was there ever a time you saw a co-worker intentionally omit their skills or knowledge when it came to a certain task — and then you later found out they lied and simply chose to put the responsibility on someone else?

Or perhaps your partner consistently told you how “bad” they are at doing certain chores or tasks by always using phrases such as: “You’re better at it than me” or “I’m busy, can you do it?” And then, one day, you realize how often they’ve been telling you this — so you talked to them about it.

Finally, maybe you notice how often a family member constantly tells you how bad they are with money and that they will never understand budgeting, but always ask you for money even though they never want to take responsibility for paying you back.

Also, once you realized they were employing this tactic, how did you respond (if at all)? And if you did say something, tell us how that person handled it, too.

If any of the above sounds familiar, tell us about it below. However, if you prefer to stay anonymous, fill out this Google form instead.


Democrats guilty on all counts. Vote for any Republican and we will straighten out the kinks they have put in our armor.


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