KOMMONSENTSJANE – Pelosi’s Drunken Husband & Insider Trading. How Did He Know & What Did He Know? Who Told him?

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She comes across as a greedy/old woman where there will never be enough stolen money in her coffers.. Does she think there are side pockets in her coffin and she takes it with her. She must remember:

As long as a man is rich and he has in excess while others do not have even the necessities, he can in no way enter the kingdom of heaven. But when all riches have been shed, then he is not rich and so he can enter.

So – how much money does Pelosi think she needs to really be rich?

Is that why she wouldn’t bring the bill to the floor – Insider trading by politicians?

Another reason to vote for conservatives to stop these lying Democrats.


The Mad Jewess

Pelosi’s Drunken Husband, Insider Trading. How did He Know & What Did He Know? Who Told him?

Inquiring minds wanna know. What did Paul Pelosi know and when did he know it? Or does that question only apply to sucker Republicans who are demanded to obey the law as their fellow Democrats get away with murder? (Literally)

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently disclosed that her husband exercised Alphabet stock call options in September.
  • The options were exercised just over a week before House leadership unveiled a bill that would ban members and their spouses from trading individual stocks.
  • Pelosi’s husband also sold call options in NVIDIA and Micron Technology for a loss over a month after Biden signed theCHIPS and Science Act of 2022into law.

I dreamed that Pelosi’s face was in a mud puddle of murky water in the street some…

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