It is time to change the strategy when officers are called out to any kind of scene, especially high suspect areas. Officers should always go to any scene with a “suspect set-up to kill a cop.” It is the nature of the beast whose mentality is raised to “hate” cops. These beasts have to be treated in the manner in which they are raised – respect for law and order is not present as we all can see – even with the politicians representing those areas.

Time to treat those areas in the same manner in which they present themselves – no respect given to the cop and – no respect given in return to the people.. Always anchor the “mad dog(s)” first and clear the scene of the innocent before starting the process.

A lot of innocent people are losing their lives because these people have no mentality and no common sense. You have to treat them like you would treat any mad animal – proceed with caution and use the necessary means to protect yourself/others at the scene.

May God protect you in your dangerous job.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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