KOMMONSENTSJANE – Hunter Biden & A Compromised President – This Is About To Get Ugly

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It is not just now going to be ugly. It has been ugly for six years. It is time to call out this 2020 fake election and hang out all of the dirty laundry.  They are still trying to get President Trump and the American people under their power.  The truth has to be exposed and quit this Democrat/Obama/Bush/Clinton’s charade.


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October 11, 2022This article was posted by TLB StaffCOMMENTARY,FREEDOM,GOVERNMENT,Tyranny,WORLD

Hunter Biden & A Compromised President – This Is About To Get Ugly

Commentary by Roger Landry (TLB)

So, what does it mean if someone is compromised … well in short it means that someone has enough dirt on them to force, via threat of exposure, them to do things they may not agree with, or wish to do. Obviously the dirtier the dirt the more control one can exercise.

Now lets consider how this relates to America, security, and possible treasonous actions being facilitated as you read this. Lets consider the President of The United States of America compromised via several of the most dangerous nations on this planet when it comes to Americas roll and future globally. Lets consider China, Russia, and the most corrupt nation on the planet…

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