KOMMONSENTSJANE – America The Blessed…for Problem Solver Donald J. Trump IS PRESIDENT!

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I will certainly vote for a SECOND HELPING of President Trump – the PROBLEM SOLVER who has CLASS – NOT ALL OF THESE F-U’s filth that we hear every day from the Democras.


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Yes, I did vote for Donald Trump to be our 45th American President that November of 2016!   I was driven by my years as a high school  teacher of Russian and Modern Problems in Minneapolis from 1960 to February, 1972.

I loved teaching.  Most high school students in the late 1960s  in Minnesota  were becoming exposed to chaos and disorder, the beginning of  the leftist feminized waves of revolution and fascism.      Woodstock had arrived in 1969.    These  fascist-left revolting universities are  still revolting…..hence today’s Dem Party’s fascist-socialist candidate, that Senator  from Vermont.

But, something has happened in our fascist-left River City High School America today.  Conservative, Donald John Trump was elected President three years ago……DONALD JOHN TRUMP, THE NON-POLITICIAN PROBLEM SOLVER, that guy who loves his country as much as I do!

There have been about six major mass attacks of diseases since the polio epidemics of…

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