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It is hard to deal with reality if you only have half of a brain and when that half is mixed with drugs – there is nothing left for compassion or the ability to think for yourself. That is what is happening with the Democrats.


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democrats the culture of hateHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve bashed horrible presidents like George W. Bush (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat), yet I’ve also done blog posts ridiculing the more absurd accusations made against those two former presidents that I despise. 

When it comes to absurd, imbecilic, unquestioning paranoia and uninformed hatred of presidents, NOTHING tops the slobbering insanity of Trump-haters. They idiotically believe ANYTHING, including claims that he tried to kidnap Michigan’s Democrat governor, told people to inject themselves with bleach, colluded with Russia, tried an “insurrection” (LMAO), was secretly running his own nuclear program out of Mar-a-Lago (LMAO) and on and on.

As ever, I don’t mean those people who are capable of rationally discussing their criticisms of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. I mean the ignorant, clueless psychopaths who spout their deranged hatred of Trump during their every waking moment.

trump was lied aboutAnti-Trump loons make the worst, dumbest…

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