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There is truth in each one of these.  It is hard to believer that the top Democrat folks are still following these losers – Obama/Biden/Rice/Pelosi/Billary – by committing all of these crimes against the people.  Sooner or later the Constitution will catch up with them – even though people are afraid to stand up to them.  Right now the FBI is being exposed.  Now the embalmers are speaking out about COVID  vaccine’s deadly effect and the fact that the illegals are not given the jab.

These Dem’s are “mad as a hatter.”


Balladeer's Blog

biden is a weird little man Weird little man

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog does another roundup of political memes and cartoons:

This first one is about the way the unfit and illegit Joe Biden has repeatedly talked about using nukes and other weapons on Americans courageous enough to speak out regarding his regime’s corruption and failures.

biden warring on usNext comes this look at the jackbooted thugs at the FBI who are really just the Democrats’ personal gestapo. 

biden fbiHere’s a reminder that in 2018 de facto Third Party President Donald Trump warned Europe about the dangers of being dependent on future war criminal Vlad Putin’s Russia for fuel. European Union politicians, being the most pompous and smug fools on the planet, laughed at the warning. Look at their situation now.

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