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Most retired people can reflect on their work history and if documented would have many/many different types of jobs. Young people today have lost that resume’ because of the government who does not want people to work (lazy). It started with Obama who never worked a real job in his life.

What is your job history. Mine is:

Washing dishes for neighbors at 13 and paid 25 cents.
Babysitting for relatives and friends at 14/15 and paid one dollar.
Shared paper route at 15/16 with my brother.
Soda fountain clerk at 16/18.
Most important job was being a Mother/Housewife.
Mail clerk/stenographer/teletype operator/secretary/senior secretary/supervisor/senior supervisor/Senior product coordinator from 18/till I retired at oil company.

We always had two jobs – second job – real estate and still going strong.  Have published two cook books – RobJoy Ranch Cook Book and RobJoy Hacienda Cook Book.  Plus, blogging since 2013.

Young people do not realize what they are missing by not being involved in the business world.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

A day once earned by laborers. A few still deserve this day of recognition and extra day away from their labors. We no longer have a full labor force. Many businesses and corporations are struggling to find workers. The spoils and poor decisions of government (and manufacturing leadership) are partly, if not greatly responsible. Entitlements? There once was a time most of us earned what we received.

Today Labor Day seems to have lost it’s spark! Oh and no Joe Biden lied the other night………..His administration has not created the most jobs in history. That was a lie by the LIAR IN CHIEF. Surprise, surprise! Some people are just going back to jobs they left from the pandemic. Many still aren’t.

Who is leading us backwards? It ain’t MAGA.

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