CNN reporter tweets there are ‘serious questions’ about Hunter Biden, FBI: ‘Shouldn’t be a partisan issue’

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CNN correspondent Sara Sidner recognized the Hunter Biden scandal in a Twitter thread on Sunday, arguing that investigating Biden’s business dealings “shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

The highest priority the Dem’s have is having an open border and they do to let China’s drugs come through and they do.

Appears to be ‘conflict of interest’ in Hunter Biden-DOJ investigation: Former federal prosecutor

The reporter stated that “legitimate questions” about President Joe Biden’s son, and the FBI’s investigation into him, “should be asked” even though the younger Biden is not an elected official.

Though the mere fact that Sidner mentioned the Hunter Biden scandal saga enraged many liberals on Twitter, who slammed her post and wondered if this was yet another sign that CNN had gone off the rails ever since new management proposed turning the network away from overt partisan bias.

Sidner made her Monday morning observation by sharing a Yahoo! News article detailing Hunter Biden’s alleged shady business relationship with Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming and his “international fixer” Patrick Ho, who was being investigated by the FBI in 2017 for a “global bribery scheme” which “appeared to advance Chinese government interests.”


(Why, so they can hide it again.)

The article detailed how evidence of this relationship and huge monetary exchanges between the two parties, which also included the president’s brother, James Biden, could be found in emails on Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop.

The piece claimed that this evidence could associate Biden with a Chinese “counterintelligence threat” to the country.

“But the depth and breadth of the Bidens’ financial ties with Ho and Ye raise new questions as to whether they were targets of a Chinese influence operation that, separate and apart from an ongoing criminal probe into Hunter Biden for alleged tax fraud and potentially foreign lobbying violations, represents a counterintelligence threat,” Yahoo! News reported.

This report prompted Sidner’s curiosity and her Monday tweet. The CNN correspondent shared the piece and wrote, “There are serious questions that should be asked about Hunter Biden. H[e]’s not an elected official but legitimate questions should be asked and answered about his former business dealings and how it was handled by the FBI.”

“This [shouldn’t] be a partisan issue,” she added.

Sidner also shared an MSNBC report about FBI agent Timothy Thibault resigning from the FBI after being accuses of bias in handling the Hunter Biden laptop investigation at the bureau.

Fox News Digital reported last month that Sen. Chuck Grassley received accounts from multiple FBI whistleblowers that Thibault “did not follow” the “strict substantial factual predication guidelines to open an investigation” into the Hunter Biden laptop. Sources have accused Thibault of running “interference” in the investigation.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner claimed there are “serious questions” about Hunter Biden’s association with a Chinese businessmen which may have constituted a “counterintelligence threat” to the U.S. Photo by Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images
CNN reporter Sara Sidner claimed there are “serious questions” about Hunter Biden’s association with a Chinese businessmen which may have constituted a “counterintelligence threat” to the U.S. Photo by Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images
© Provided by FOX News
Though several prominent liberals on Twitter were not happy with a CNN reporter being so curious about the issue.

Liberal journalist Cheri Jacobus commented, “Unfollowed.” after seeing Sidner’s tweet.

In another tweet, she claimed, “CNN journalists (the real ones, not this garbage) should resign immediately in protest to the fascist new management.”

In recent days, some liberals have been complaining about CNN’s new management taking the network in a less partisan direction. Some claimed the network has “gone full MAGA.”


Liberal actor John Cusack fumed over the post, arguing that Sidner should be asking questions about alleged Republican malfeasance. “Are you gonna ask the same questions about bill bars Ties to Epstein? Through his daddy? His obstruction of mueller, Lying to congress – child abduction? No – how about bush [Cheney] Rumsfeld ties to privatized war economy?”

“Gimme a break,” he added.

Liberal comedian Rob Gill tweeted, “Looks like Sara is a sellout.”

And liberal blue check Tim Fullerton argued that CNN employees should not be covering this story, tweeting, “Can anyone explain to me why this is a story other than the GOP made it one? The only way this is a real story is if somehow Biden somehow did illegal to make his son rich. Do the people at CNN have any evidence that happened? And if they don’t (which they don’t), why cover it?”


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