Why do we allow her to run as a RINO Republican? She is not a Republican. The party is spending money for Lisa the Democrat socialist.


Freedom Beacon


The Billionaires Behind Donald Trump’s Election Plan

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A group of billionaires is helping to bankroll a new super PAC to help incumbent RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska fend off her Republican challenger.

These billionaires have dropped nearly $3 million into the L.I.S.A (“Leadership in a Strong Alaska”) PAC hoping to stop Trump-endorsed challenger Kelly Tshibaka from defeating Murkowski in November.

L.I.S.A for “Lisa” Murkowski. Get it? Aren’t they clever?

Three of them, hedge fund managers Ken Griffin, John Arnold, and Louis Bacon, have contributed $1.5 million, $500,000, and $50,000 respectively.

Then there’s James and Kathryn Murdoch. The politically moderate heirs to the Murdoch media empire coughed up $250,000 a piece to the L.I.S.A PAC.

According to Forbes, Alaska-based billionaires are also donating big to make sure Murkowski remains in her Senate seat like a plantar wart. They include oil executives Michael S. Smith and Jeffrey Hildebrand, who donated $200,000 and $75,000 respectively. Carnival Cruise Line chief Mickey Arison and his wife donated $25,000.

In addition to big money PACs, the Murkowski campaign is outraising Tshibaka by a country mile.

By the end of July, the Murkowski campaign was sitting on a war chest of $5.3 million while the Tshibaka campaign had only $800,000.

In Alaska’s “ranked choice voting” primary earlier this month, both Murkowski and Tshibaka advanced to the November ballot, with Murkowski finishing only a few points ahead of Tshibaka.

If any PAC could help boost Tshibaka and match the level of outside spending Murkowski is getting, it would be former President Trump’s “Save America” PAC.

However, to date, Trump’s “Save America” PAC, which has raked in over $100 million ostensibly to help Republicans win in November, has yet to jump in and run any advertising in the Midterm elections to support the candidates that Trump endorsed.


Surely the people in Alaska have wised up to her?


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