Who had them all of this time? Investigation is needed by a third party.

This seems a little late, doesn’t it? U.S.P.S. spokesperson Tom Ouellette told WMAR-2 News, Maryland, “We deeply regret the late delivery of these mail pieces.” This is just one incident that was discovered. How much more mail-in ballot ineptitude warped the 2020 election results?

Now here is a lot of votes which haven’t been accounted for – over 20,000.


More 2020 Election Fraud Exposed as Trays of Ballots Suddenly Found at a U.S. Post Office 2 Years Later!



The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco. It was the biggest evidence of political manipulation and voter fraud in our nation’s history. Simply put, despite the corrupt mainstream media’s insistence that the election was fair, it was not.

More and more evidence is emerging demonstrating how involved big tech was in manipulating the news narrative. Individual accounts were suspended, and a wealth of critical information was purposefully hidden. Social media was in the tank for Joe Biden. They helped him cheat.

In a podcast interview with Joe Rogan, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bombshell on the American public. He said the FBI tried to persuade his platform to label information about the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

It was not. However, manipulating the news narrative and the minds of voters ahead of the election was just one strategy the left used. The other was to blatantly cheat. 2000 Mules, a startling documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, exposes drop box fraud.

Possibly, millions of illegal ballots were stuffed into drop boxes across the country. Democrat operatives paid the “Mules.” These criminals lugged thousands of illegal ballots and crammed them into assorted drop box locations.

Coincidentally, the most notable areas where drop box stuffing occurred were the key battleground states where Joe Biden needed to win. The election was a sham. Potentially, thousands of ballots were mysteriously hauled out from under tables in Atlanta.

Liberals are always quick to turn questions about voter authenticity back on the accuser. If anyone simply requests authentication of a vote count, they’re an anti-democracy conspiracy theorist, or worse. Democrats don’t want the truth to be found.

The truth is going to prove that Joe Biden did not win the election. He cheated. Further evidence was revealed only a few days ago. The Daily Mail reports that yet another tray of mail-in ballots has mysteriously been discovered at a U.S. Post Office.

Potentially, dozens of Baltimore residents never received their mail-in ballot. Now, Maryland is a heavily Democrat Party state. Nevertheless, how many times did this same inept failure to deliver mail-in ballots happen in other states?

How many mail-in ballots were never mailed in key swing states to potential Republican voters? You can bet that an investigation will turn up at least some. “How many” is the only question? What’s even funnier is the idea that the U.S.P.S. decided to go ahead and mail out the ballots.

This is another reason why President Trump-supporting conservatives rightfully believe that mail-in balloting is wide-open to mistakes and especially fraud. It is. The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco.

If we add up all the evidence of fraud, it becomes blatantly clear that Joe Biden did not win. Democrats used an assortment of tactics to cheat. They manipulated the narrative and stole votes. They used hired operatives to stuff drop boxes with bogus ballots.

Now it appears that they may have purposefully withheld the opportunity to vote from some Americans. And this is the party that screams for “easily accessible” voting. We guess easily accessible voting depends on who you’re casting that vote for.


This is the way the Democrats win elections. Time for a recall and reinstate the real MAGA PRESIDENT TRUMP.


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