KOMMONSENTSJANE – J6 Committee failure likely prompted FBI Mar-a-Lago raid


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Mr. Sanders – you hit the nail on the head – the left is trying every illegal way to remove President Trump from the ticket because they know their a$$eS are fried if he is re-elected.

This committee was a hoax from the start. Liz Cheney broke her promise to the people when she double-crossed the voters and became a Democrat AND SHE LOST IN THIS LAST ELECTON.  She just like a lot of others were never Republicans and came into office under false pretenses (she lied).

So did her dad and the Bushes. They snookered the people.


Freedom Cocktail

I open today’s show with a bit of a reminder of season one of the J6 Committee. There is a reason for it and that’s the polling which followed the season finale. Americans were not moved at all by anything the J6 Committee said, showed, played or promised. As Constitutional scholar and law professor Jonathon Turley said, “The lack of impact of the hearings is, in my opinion, due to two threshold decisions of the Democrats. First, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others decided that the Committee would focus on reinforcing “a narrative” rather than follow prior investigatory commissions with and open and balanced inquiry. Second, the Committee over promised the public. At the start of the hearings, committee members promised they had the long-sought smoking-gun evidence – new material that would close the circle on Trump.” Needless to say, they did not.

Democrats are desperate to both stem their losses…

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