Soros needs to be run out of the U.S. like he was in Europe. He collaborated/worked with the Nazi’s during WWII to save his own neck. Soros is the racists.

The Democrats have embraced Soros for his money. He paid off the AG’s (no bail/no jail time) in the U.S. to cause all of this friction – especially the BLM/Democrats/Obama/Rice Jan 6 Black/Brown. revolution.

Vote all Democrats out of office and elect President Trump to get the job done.

Also BLM’s demolition squads are guilty in Washington state/Oregon for burning, killing/holding the cities hostage for weeks and till this day no one was held accountable.

Lawlessness caused by Democrats and Soros’ money.

No Rubio’s tweet is just calling out Soros. So don’t rag on the messenger because the hate is coming from the Democrats/Soros.


The Liberty Revolution

Marco Rubio’s George Soros Tweet Is Being Called Hate Speech

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The Democrats are what the college level woke would call “racially conscious,” but that entails that anyone who says something that they consider an attack against their political party is a “racist.” That is just what Democrats did once again when they attacked Senator Marco Rubio after he said that going after Soros-backed prosecutors should be a congressional priority.

Senate Democrats reportedly shot down an amendment Rubio introduced that would be added to the Democrats’ $749 billion climate and tax bill. It would require prosecutors keep violent criminals behind bars, an amendment that comes on the heels of rampant crime in blue cities across the country. Left wing prosecutors do not seem to mind the crime and so criminals are being released within hours of committing crime—New York City being a prime example of this trend.

After Democrats blocked the passage of the amendment, Rubio took to Twitter to express his frustration. “The Democrats just blocked my effort to try and force Soros-backed prosecutors to put dangerous criminals in jail,” the Miami Republican said.

Soros is known to fund Democratic politicians and other left wing causes, especially through his Open Society Foundations reportedly spending just over $18 billion, according to conservative magazine American Pigeon. On the organization’s 2020 expenditures, donations for “Justice Reform and the Rule of Law” totaled $84 million.

Democrats decided that it would be beneficial to their racial narrative to paint Rubio as an anti-Semitic for invoking Soros’s name.

“Marco Rubio, what is a Soros-backed prosecutor? Do you mean Jewish?” tweeted Fred Guttenberg, a Florida gun control activist who lost his daughter in the 2018 Parkland shooting. “Asking for the many Floridians who are Jewish and who will be voting soon.”

(Put the blame on the right people who instituted the killing – which is Soros’ money and the Democrats killed your daughter. Didn’t they set up the mass killing – just like in Uvalde?)

“When Republicans say ‘Soros’ they mean ‘Jewish,’ and Rubio knows it. Ugly stuff,” tweeted Democratic strategist Greg Pinelo.

(No, Mr. Pinelo, the money is coming from Soros not Jewish people. Soros might be Jewish; but, if I were Jewish I wouldn’t claim Soros because Soros is not for the people. He definitely has a mental problem – he hates all people.)

Another Democratic loyalist, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, came to the defense of Soros to suggest that Rubio was anti-Semitic, saying that “This is how anti-Semitism takes root and spreads.”

(And, this women should be removed as President of the teachers union. She is a communist. All parents should take their tax dollars and put their children in schools where they “TEACH” not “PREACH” HATE._

“What is a ‘Soros’ backed prosecutor?” she tweeted. “Soros is a Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust.” (Viktor) Orbán the authoritarian leader of Hungary demonizes Soros all the time in Orban’s culture war to suppress freedom and democracy.”

(No, he is no longer claimed by the people in Hungary. Soros didn’t survive the Holocaust. He became a Nazi to survive the Holocaust. This woman is lieing.). .

On the Senate floor, Rubio did not invoke Soros by name. He said that Americans do not care about electric cars as much as they do about living in a safe neighborhood where they do not have to deal with rampant violent crime.


Soros is no victim – he is evil.


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