Heads Up Folks:

From the Desk of Dr. Ben Carson:

I don’t believe the majority of the public really knows what is being taught to our children and grandchildren.

They assume they are taught the same lessons we learned growing up—that America is a land of freedom and opportunity where anyone has a chance at success.

From what I’ve seen, this isn’t always the case. However, I want to know what you’ve seen.

I believe that children as young as elementary age are being taught to reject our American values.

They are told that our Founding Fathers were massively flawed and that it overshadows the nation they built. They hear that our Constitution is “out of date” and needs to be “modernized.”

Progressives are rewriting our nation’s history and they are doing it with our youngest and most vulnerable. We cannot let this happen!

This year I’m going to be meeting with political leaders and educational “experts” across the country. I’m going to make sure people know what is really happening in our schools.

I want to be able to share with them the thoughts of people who are closest to the issue. Specifically, I would like to include your thoughts.

The American Cornerstone Institute, a nonprofit I recently founded, has created a unique survey. We’re trying to gauge the state of America’s Educational System by surveying people like you.

I’d like to ask you to give me 2 minutes of your time so we can better understand the problems that exist in our educational system. You can access the survey here…


Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Ben Carson
Founder & Chairman American Cornerstone Institute


Please take the survey – we must keep these evil people away from our children. Take your child’s tax dollars and enroll them in a school that you know will teach him American values not socialist values.


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