The Republican leadership must make the Dem’s release all information to the public and explain this exploitation of power by the Democrats against our Constitutional rights by filing a lawsuit against them. . The FBI continues to intrude on our guaranteed rights. This intrusion went too far and it is now time to “cut out” their continued infringement on our rights. Enough is enough. |We cannot continue to allow them to get by with this harassment.



Former federal prosecutor reveals ‘powder keg’ in FBI raid on Trump

Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Pa John Roca/NY Daily News Arc

By ABC News
August 15, 2022 at 1:17 pm EDT
WASHINGTON — Last Monday, FBI officials raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla., executing a court-ordered search warrant the Department of Justice later revealed was related to possible violations of three criminal statutes.

(This court order was by an unelected judge; but, one put in place by Obama. This was a political stunt by a judge who donated money to Obama. We know Obama is part of the Obama/Biden One World Order crowd who is trying to make our country a socialist system.)

Officers seized a total of 27 boxes from Mar-a-Lago, with 11 containing classified documents — including top secret information.

ABC News contributor and former federal prosecutor Kan Nawaday spoke with ABC News’ Phil Lipof about what stands out to him in the search warrant, the top secret materials in the boxes and what officials are likely doing now.

PRIME: ABC News contributor and former federal prosecutor Kan Nawaday again with us tonight for some insight on all of this. Kan, thanks for being here. Let’s take a look at the search warrant first. We both have a copy of it. What stands out to you in the search warrant?

NAWADAY: First off, the huge big powder keg in this is the fact that the judge found probable cause to believe that there was a violation of the Espionage Act.

PRIME: And that’s no small feat. We’re talking about espionage here.

NAWADAY: Exactly. What that means is that they think that there was mishandling of top secret information that was transmitted to unauthorized persons. This is the exact same statute that [National Security Agency whistleblower Edward] Snowden was charged with.

PRIME: All right. So let’s move on to the receipt here, the things that they say they took in this search of the former president’s home. You can see at the top a grant of clemency for Roger Stone, information on the president of France, then we see as you move down secret documents, miscellaneous, then we have top secret documents, confidential documents, more top secret documents. Talk about top secret for a minute, because, you know, people can throw that term around, but what does that mean?

NAWADAY: And you’re exactly right. Feel like people throw that term around. But it’s actually very, very specific. What top secret means is a type of document or information that if it gets out there, it can cause exceptionally grave damage to our national security. So it’s really important stuff, it’s sensitive stuff. And the thing that sticks out to me is item “2A,” various TS/SCI documents.


NAWADAY: Right, SCI means this is top secret stuff that can only, and should only, be viewed within a certain facility that’s basically protected from data leaks.

PRIME: They’re called skiffs, right?

NAWADAY: Exactly.

PRIME: No phones allowed, nothing. This is where you view these documents exactly.

NAWADAY: Like you cannot take your phone in, you’re not going to get any emails…that’s how sensitive this material is, and they have it there.

PRIME: So then what do they have to do now? Are they concerned about people who may have seen this or where this material may have gone?

NAWADAY: Absolutely. My money’s on what the FBI, and national security professionals are doing right now — they’re looking through everything they’ve gotten from the search and they’re trying to figure out who else may have seen this highly sensitive material.

PRIME: That’s a big task. Yes. Especially with everything that we see they took. OK. Former federal prosecutor and ABC News contributor Kan Nowaday, thanks so much for joining us again, we do appreciate it.


In my opinion, the Biden/Obama/FBI/Dem’s are trying to FRAME President Trump. Plain and simple.


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  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    As long as we fail to hold anyone accountable……..and our elected officials refuse to hold those in elected and appointed positions accountable, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. I haven’t seen the most corrupt in our country, in our government held responsible/punished yet, in recent years anyway (Nixon only one that comes to mind). Hillary, destroyed thousands of classified emails, right in front of the DOJ. What happened? Answer….NOTHING. Was her house raided? NOPE! They fabricate crap against Trump, get caught…….and go unpunished. They keep doing it over and over to find something that might stick………They want to hold him accountable. They even fail at that. Its time to hold the LIARS accountable. If we expect things to change……we must change. NOW! Re-elect NO ONE. Even those who speak a big game…………lay back and do nothing.


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