Trump Ally: Mar-A-Lago Raid Was FBI’s Latest Attempt To Protect Billary Clinton

A longtime Trump ally warns that the FBI and Department of Justice may have been seizing documents to protect Hillary Clinton

ByTom Pappert

A strong ally of 45th President Donald Trump believes that the Department of Justice authorized the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort in a bid to protect former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from further scrutiny.

Trump ally Kash Patel, who is now the lead investigator on the House committee investigating the origins of the Trump Russia hoax, made the remarks on Fox News and on his Truth Social account. Per PJ Media, Patel seems to believe that the FBI confiscated previously declassified documents that related to Clinton’s participation in the Russia hoax that dogged Trump during the first two years of his presidency.

“The President of the Untied States is, and has always been, the ultimate unilateral classification authority,” said Patel. “He issued a strong statement in October 2020 declassifying all Russiagate and all Hillary Clinton documents, and that’s publicly available.”

On his Truth Social account, Patel further advanced the idea that the documents seized by the FBI were related to Clinton and her part in creating the Russia hoax.

“DOJ and FBI — and the vindictive librarians at NARA — continue to perpetuate the Russia hoax by ‘seizing’ documents that President Trump declassified,” wrote Patel. “Remember: the government allowed Hillary’s lawyer to keep emails from her private server in her broom closet, that were classified up to Top Secret/Special Access Program, IN HER OFFICE. Why wasn’t she raided?”

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He concluded, “Bottom line – they never want you to see their corrupt Russia Gate documents and will use any and all power to keep them from the American people.”


One of these days, they also will get caught in their own net. and their web of lies.


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