If that comes to pass – didn’t it all start with Bill Clinton – remember when Clinton used the White Sands Laboratory as a country club for passing secrets? Weren’t the Chinese scientists on their payroll in those days?

This started waaay back then?




Ex-CIA chief endorses executing leakers of nuclear secrets after Trump raid bombshell
Daniel Chaitin


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden responded approvingly to a tweet talking about executions for those who spill nuclear secrets after it was reported that FBI agents were searching for classified documents related to nuclear weapons during their raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

A tweet Thursday evening from presidential historian and NBC contributor Michael Beschloss makes no mention of Trump but did refer to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a couple convicted of espionage for their role in sharing atomic secrets with the Soviet Union. “Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953,” he said, along with a photo.

Hayden replied, “Sounds about right.”

Sources told the Washington Post that such classified information was among the items agents look for in the search but declined to speak about any other materials that may have been sought. It remains unclear whether they found any nuclear documents. The report said the Justice Department and FBI declined to comment. Trump claims he has been cooperating with investigators looking for documents and decried the raid as being politically motivated.

Hayden, a retired four-star Air Force general who served as director of the National Security Agency and later the CIA under former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2020. “If there’s another term for President Trump, I don’t know what happens to America. Truth is really important but especially in intelligence. President Trump doesn’t care about facts,” Hayden, who suffers from aphasia as a result of a stroke in 2018, said in an ad from Republican Voters Against Trump.

Hayden is also one of the former intelligence officials who signed an October 2020 letter baselessly claiming Russian involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop stories that popped up in the final weeks of the presidential election cycle. Hayden, who is also founder of the Hayden Center at George Mason University, did not provide comment when asked by the Washington Examiner for a report published in April.


Tried to find the story where they caught certain people walking out with suit cases full of the atomic bomb info.


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