If she was a Republican – she would have been removed from Congress from the beginning; but, as we all know that when you are a Democrat – you are exempt from any committed crime. She hates the U.S. – why is she even holding this office – but only to spit out her hate and damage it. Surely, her state has a better candidate to represent them with American values.


The Liberty Revolution

Ilhan Omar Has Not Been Expelled From Congress, Sadly

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A video circulating Facebook that has amassed nearly one million views and thousands of comments allegedly showed far-left Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar getting expelled from Congress by other Democrats. The video was greatly misrepresented and given a “False” rating by USA Today.

The video was posted on a “gaming” page on Facebook earlier this month with the caption reading, “Finally! House Democrats Kicks Ilhan Omar out of Congress (sic).” Unfortunately, Omar is serving her second term as an active member of the House and is up for reelection in November.

The video does not show Ilhan Omar, except for in the video’s preview screen, but instead shows Minnesota’s legislatures in 2019 requesting that the IRS audit Omar for tax fraud and misuse of campaign finances.

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The footage of legislatures requesting the IRS investigate Omar was from a press conference held by the New House Republican Caucus of Minnesota on Aug. 6, 2019. The motion was led by Rep. Steve Drazkowski and nine other state legislatures who justified the investigation in light of Omar’s financial violations.

A couple months prior, Minnesota Campaign officials ruled that Omar violated state rules when she used campaign funds for out-of-state travel. The congresswoman’s messing love life also led her to file for joint tax filing with one man while married to another, which goes against federal and Minnesota law.

Unfortunately, the congresswoman is still there, but her popularity remains questionable. At a concert featuring Somali singer Suldaan Seeraar in Minneapolis, Omar took the stage only to be booed. It appeared that she was there to give the singer some award, but even the singer could not calm the audience down, and whenever she opened her mouth, the boos only became louder.

Omar herself is a naturalized citizen born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Her family came here in 1995 after they sought asylum from the Somali Civil War. She has since expressed her disdain for the country that took her in as being oppressive and racist.


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