KOMMONSENTSJANE – How the left is DESTROYING oil without passing a law

Why can’t we have our choice? If we want a gas-driven car or an electric car. This is the U.S. and we have a Constitution which the Democrats are not using. So, where is the Supreme Court who are suppose to defend the Constitution?

Look at the European countries who have passed all of the green laws and their countries ECONOMIES are literally going to POT and now want the U.S. to soak up this same insane economy.

If the foreign countries want to be woke – so be it. We have never followed any one and we are allowing the left who are trying to tell us what to do? We all know the left doesn’t know their a$$ from a hole in the ground by where they are taking our country who is now being led by Biden but Susan Rice/Obama.

We all know that Obama turned THE BROWN COATS into the BLM. It is now time for people to call these two people out and the crimes they have committed against our country. Why are people afraid to call out these criminals? They are part of the globalists crowd. Wake up – America.


Club for Growth Action


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rules are taking corporate America by storm and SPIKING our gas prices using OUR taxpayer dollars.

Seriously! The Biden regime is incentivizing WOKE companies to ditch oil, embrace radical green regulations, and demolish American energy.

We’re fighting back at Club for Growth Action. Will you join us and take our pledge to FIGHT BACK against ESG?

Friend, even in the middle of a gas crisis and a recession, Biden and the Democrats are DESTROYING our oil industry and hiking up prices without passing a single law – which is part of OUR ECONOMY.

You won’t stand for this, right?!

We’re counting on Americans like you to step up and join our fight against ESG today. We can’t stop the left’s woke war on America without you!

Friend, please sign our pledge today and TAKE A STAND against Biden and woke companies! We’re really counting on your support.

Thank you,


Digital Communications Director

Club for Growth Action


Use it or lose it – THE CONSTITUTION, FOLKS.


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