Every day we hear the talking heads and politicians speaking about the inflation and what Biden/Democrats are planning.

Yet, we never hear any solutions. A good example is the FBI head, Wray – we are experiencing our national security at the border and all they do is all look at each other with NO SOLUTIONS.

This is the scenario we’ve been EXPERIENCING:

Instead of President Trump…

We’ve got “Sleepy Joe” Biden behind the wheel.

Now the economy’s tanking…

Gas prices are through the roof…

And inflation is setting fire to our savings accounts.

The homeless are still homeless and what is the lefties telling the homeless – go buy a home. If you are homeless – how do you buy a home?

So, what do the lefties do – they send Biden to the basement stating he has covid. Covid to get sympathy from the other lefties and help his numbers go up? The guy has been punched with every shot possible – double/triple times.

Mean while, you have tricky Dick Cheney and his congress person daughter, that Trump is not the person for the president’s job – a person who has done more in four years than tricky Dick Cheney/Bush did in their whole careers. What are the Cheney’s worried about – that some information will pop up that incriminates them? Do we see some dead fish floating in the water?

And I am giving second thoughts to Dick Cheney’s hunting accident?

Remember – Cheney’s are digging up Democrat bones – after the Bush’s surprised us that they were really Democrats all the time? I am still trying to digest that one.

The Cheney’s are Democrats as all evidence produced by the4 politician daughter.

It is time for a RINO reckoning of the Republicans in our party before the next election. We are tired of paying for these people when they are really Democrats.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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