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As far as the military is concerned – Obama conducted a house cleaning of conservatives way back when and what we have today is nothing but a bunch of woke liberals lead by Mr. Woke – himself a wet noodle..

The Democrat heathens were given the store on Jan 6’s Black/Brown Revolution when the capital police opened the door and allowed BLM/Antifa to set up the coup – AND THEN BLAMED THE Republican protesters.  And, where is Ray Epps – why doesn’t Pelosi/Cheney bring him to their naughty party since he was leading the parade that night and urging all of them to go to the capital where the Dem’s were waiting  to attack them.  Sure like a set up to me.


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How To Erode the World’s Greatest Military

Alienating half the country is not a wise strategy of military recruitment.

By Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

July 24, 2022

The U.S. Army has met only 40 percent of its 2022 recruiting goals.

In fact, all branches of the military are facing historic resistance to their current recruiting efforts. If some solution is not found quickly, the armed forces will radically shrink or be forced to lower standards—or both.

Such a crisis occurs importunely as an aggressive Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea believe the Biden Administration and the Pentagon have lost traditional U.S. deterrence.

That pessimistic view abroad unfortunately is now shared by many Americans at home.In 2021, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute conducted its periodic poll of attitudes toward the U.S. military. The result was astonishing. Currently, only 45 percent of Americans polled expressed a great deal…

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