Thank goodness he didn’t make the grade for SCOTUS and now he shows us what he is made of – certainly, not an honest bone in his body.

Garland is a crooked “B.” He was put in place by Biden, another crooked “B”. The entire government is run by a bunch of crooked “B”. Gitmo should be their new home.

Remember Garland was to be nominated to SCOTUS. It shows you the Left hate America and the Constitution.

Another example of judges abusing their power:


The next Republican president must clean out all the agencies and start afresh.

Gowdy Blasts Garland For Using J6 Hearings To ‘GATHER EVIDENCE.”


Sunday Night in America host Trey Gowdy questioned why AG Merrick Garland would need to use the spiced-up January 6th hearings to gather evidence for the Department of Justice. Gowdy questioned the validity of Garland’s investigation and if it could even hold up in court.

The former lawmaker then asked what the hell Garland has been doing, aside from watching t.v., to investigate and why he’s using the J6 hearings when he has “far better investigative tools at his disposal.”

All good points…

Gowdy: “There’s nothing wrong with watching television… but I guess the difference is, you and I don’t have much of a choice when it comes to getting information. We don’t get to have an army of investigators and prosecutors at our disposal, Merrick Garland does. He has federal law enforcement at his beck and call.

He has scores of prosecutors, he has access to a grand jury and search warrants… he can access financial records and phone records… he can compel witnesses to testify… so why is he watching television?

(Because he is lazy and his noodle doesn’t function at the junction.)_

Why does the chief prosecutor, the managing partner of most powerful law firm in the world need to watch television to gather facts? He can interview any of the witnesses he wants to interview. He can gather whatever evidence he thinks is relevant.

There is no comparison between the power of the Department of Justice versus the power of Congress, yet the attorney general is not only watching TV, the department is miffed that Congress will not share what it has with the department.

Why? Why is the attorney general gathering evidence from television? And how reliable would that evidence be given the absence of confrontation or cross-examination? Garland and his prosecutors can watch whatever they want on television.

[But] I do wonder why the attorney general is watching a hearing when he has far better investigative tools at his disposal?… It does make you wonder what the department has been doing for the past 18 months. If you want to know what happened, find and examine witnesses and evidence. The remote control ain’t going to help you.”

I’d like to also ask how in the hell anyone could trust Garland’s J6 investigation if it’s widely based on an over-sensationalized hearing?


Plain and simple – they are one bunch of crooked son of a gun.


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