KOMMONSENTSJANE – Maxine Waters: “To Hell With the Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them”

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She should have to resign for “being an elected official who is endangering people by WORKING against her duty to protect the Constitution/people..”



By the Blood of the Lamb

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6 Responses to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Maxine Waters: “To Hell With the Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them”

  1. nootkabear says:

    Can we say insurrection? Can we say inciting a riot? She did the same thing when Trump was President, now she is going after the Supreme Court, saying to defy them? And these people swore to uphold our Constitution? Who the hell do these mightier than thou think they are? We know they are a bunch of crooks, but come on! Why hasn’t someone thrown them up under the jail yet?

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    • Yes, it was really Pelosi’s JAN 6 – BROWN REVOLUTION. They are in charge and they take care of their own – that includes the Elite Repub’s who signed off on the gun issue.

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      • Is the Brown revolution about the stuff that goes in the toilet or ‘john’ as you say in the States? I know Pelosi was mad but now she is just stark raving bonkers. In my humble opinion of course.

        Pelosi is anagram of ‘lie ops’ as in lie operations. This would explain a lot.

        ‘Cop insanely’ is an anagram of Nancy Pelosi. Need I say more?


      • What you say is true – Jan 6 was Pelosi’s brown/black revolution by turning everything over to the brown/black people not Trump’s and now trying to blame Trump, as usual. Check out TV – everything is brown or black.

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      • Yes indeed. I suppose you know that George Soros’s real name is ‘Schwartz’ meaning ‘black’ in English. I think he is miffed that people think Black is bad or a bad name so is pushing his ‘Black’ agenda.

        Mind you he is Germanic. There are a lot of ‘Bad’ places is Germany. I wrote this on the very subject. I think it both amusing and informative, IMHO, and goes a long way to explain the problems today.



    • Hello and well said. Why not indeed? Well to show them up to the world what a bunch of crooks they are. Heat the world up and the scum comes to the surface. Sadly necessary but true.

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