KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Democrats don’t just mirror our rotting culture – they’re leading the race off the cliff”. 

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The problem is you can’t make people happy by giving into their demands. You have to stand for something. Just look at our country and who is in charge.


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June 21, 2022

The Democrats vs. Morality

ByJ. Robert Smith at American Thinker:

The outstanding feature of the Democrat Party is how well it mirrors the descent of the culture. Check that –Democrats don’t just mirror our rotting culture, they’re leading the race off the cliff. That’s what progressivism — the Democrats’ defining worldview — does: it daily leads a once godly and moral nation toward a Grand Canyon-sized hole. Sometimes in tiny steps, other times in sprints. Lately, it’s a sprint.

Progressivism is a catchall for modern decadence — rationalized, deemed fashionable, and pimped by elites. Democrats have become updated versions of debauched Roman emperorCaligulaand his court.

The list of debaucheries Democrats’ champion is long. They offer a dark, vulgar, inverted world: Criminals are victims, and victims are disregarded. Democrat-run cities teem with hoodlums and worse. Cities are becomingillicit drug sanctuaries. The homeless (mentally…

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