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This woman lied when she said she was a Republican. That is why it is so hard for women to get ahead in the ranks because of women like her who lie to get ahead. The acorn Liz didn’t fall far from the tree.


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liz cheney is garbageBefore moving on to my usual weekend blog posts of lighter fare, here is a post explaining Liz Cheney, her warmonger father, etc. 

mascot donkey and republican headsOverseas readers have been asking me about the Republican Liz Cheney’s role in the illegitimate January 6th idiocy in Congress. Since Balladeer’s Blog is an Independent Voter site I’ve always made it clear I would be fine if both the Democrats and Republicans splintered into multiple smaller parties because neither one represents the needs of their constituents at this time. That’s why people know they will get a response from me that is NOT motivated by political party bias.

I would love to be able to describe the situation without having to discuss the Donald Trump angle, but our insane media loves to pump up ratings by making EVERYTHING about Trump, so there is no way around it. Links to news items regarding the following remarks are…

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