KOMMONSENTSJANE – Durham Drops Bomb: Lying Adam Schiff Was Involved in Russia Collusion Sham Way Before Election

DANIEL – UAF Report – 4/28/2022

Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

It started at the top with Obama/Biden – in my opinion. A lot of people are involved.


Every American with an ounce of common sense realizes that the whole Russia collusion hoax against President Donald Trump was a scam. It may be the most corrupt abuse of government power in the history of our great nation.

Those who were part of the scam, from crooked Hillary Clinton on down, are beginning to “squirm in their seats.” Federal prosecutor John Durham has been diligently digging into the origins of this corrupt scheme to defame and destroy President Trump.

The plot to sabotage his presidential candidacy, and eventually his tenure in the White House, was a collective effort. Everything started with the Hillary Clinton-funded Steele dossier. It was a phony accumulation of salacious lies.

Warrants were secured to spy on members of President Trump’s campaign. They spied on campaign offices. There’s even evidence the spying continued well into his presidency. Various liberal Democrats were part of the scam. Some were charged with leaking false information.

Others, such as corrupt California Congressman Adam Schiff, actually went on live television to spew lies. Schiff was the ringleader in this effort to try to convince the American people that President Trump was a Russian stooge. He was not and never was.

Maybe Adam Schiff is? The whole Russian collusion conspiracy was a phony, made-up scheme. But now the chickens may be coming home to roost. As part of his investigation, Durham has been periodically releasing emails and other records that his team has uncovered.

Some of the latest email releases show that Adam Schiff was involved in this plot as far back as July 2016. Someone emailed the California crook asking, “Why does Fusion GPS seem to think you have information on Carter Page in July 2016?”

Fusion GPS was the cover for this entire fake narrative to insinuate that President Trump was colluding with Russia. Adam Schiff even released a printed report insisting that many of the Russian collusion lies were true. They were not.

In fact, virtually everything in Schiff’s report was a lie. This goes beyond simply issuing false or misleading statements to damage the reputation of a political rival. These official reports were submitted as fact. However, everything in them was untrue.

They are purposefully falsified government reports. Without a doubt, what Adam Schiff did is a federal crime. To date, he has not been penalized for lying to the American people. But John Durham isn’t finished.

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