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The problem is when some of the corporations picked sides and chose to support the Obama/Biden/Democrats (WOKE/BLM). Huge mistake.  It has been hijacked by this group just like when Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton were threatening our companies by picketing them.

Corporations have to stay neutral and stay out of politics.  Corporations are made up of people.  The CEO’s and Board have to be held responsible for their actions against our country and their workings with the Democrats.  The problem is that the companies in the U.S.  have installed foreign men/women on the Boards who do not know the Constitution or have Judeo Christian values which govern our country.  They have to stop giving money to BLM who is a corrupt organization.


Yvonne Owens, Ph.D

A farmer’s barn in Somerset, Ohio, shows support for Trump. While the majority of rural Americans supported the Republican candidate, it might be to the detriment of the agriculture system. Photography Christine Ruddy / Shutterstock.com

“The test of a first-rate intelligence,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald, “is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time.” Understanding economic populism is simpler: You need to keep two non-opposing ideas in mind at once. The conventional wisdom in progressive circles is that economic populism is about race, not economics. Recent studies clearly show it’s about economics … but it’s also about race. Crucially, we can’t stop there.

Populism also reflects class anger about cultural disrespect, expressed as culture wars (including those waged over abortion and gender roles). None of this is surprising coming from me. To quote my husband, I can see gender in a ham sandwich; race…

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