KOMMONSENTSJANE – The storming of the Capitol and those who don’t want to see it


Have to disagree – until we have the whole story, madam, not half of it, this is propaganda for Democrat purposes.  We must know “why Pelosi, three times,  would not allow the National Guard in to protect the property.”  Also, you don’t mention ANTIFA/BLM?  Why did the Capital Policeman kill the white woman?


Constanza García Gentil

A year after the attack on the Capitol in the United States, the insurrection has been analyzed from different spectrums, such as racial, social, criminal, democratic, among others. Around 725 people have been criminally charged due to their participation in these acts of violence (which have been condemned by many as domestic terrorism). In spite of this, the perception that some people have about these events has changed since the attack took place. In the week following the attack, 80% of Republicans said they opposed the attack, according to a Washington Post poll. A few months later, more than half of Trump voters described these events as acts of “patriotism” and “defense of freedom,” according to a July 2021 CBS News/YouGov poll.

It’s hard to imagine that an attack with this level of brutality, broadcast live around the world, could still spark lax opinions. But that is exactly what…

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