KOMMONSENTSJANE – Something REALLY BAD is About to Fundamentally Change Humanity – (Pt 2)

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Information only – don’t trust these people – they are a part of the past war.



Are people really that weak that they would fall into Morning Joe’s gal Friday’s communism. What THESE people don’t seem to understand. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.  We know what FREEDOM is – she doesn’t because of her brain-washing.  She only latched on to Morning Joe to use him.

The communists are the square peg and we are the round hole and the two don’t fit.

Morning Joe’s gal Friday has been preaching this stuff for how many years. Her brain was molded by her communist father. Our minds have been molded to fit the Constitution. If you listen to her BS which she has been preaching for many years and it “still doesn’t fit in that round hole.”

It will only fit if you ALLOW IT!


By the Blood of the Lamb

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