This is a good example of what I mean about the people being sheep. I received a questionnaire which asked for a reply which read:

Should illegal aliens be able to vote?

Then it stated “cast your ballot”

This is unconstitutional for starters.

One side had a stop sign emblem which stated:

I want to stop illegal aliens from voting in our election. I oppose illegal aliens voting in American elections. We must stop this unconstitutional power grab by the radical left.

The opposite side stated: Yes – I favor illegal aliens voting. I’m a “global elitist” who want to give the “green light” for illegal aliens to vote in our elections. I’m not concerned abut voter fraud or defending the Constitution.

This is the kind of people we have in this country who do not follow the Constitution.

Have you ever voted in an election in a foreign country? Remember when Obama told the illegals they could vote?


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