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It is important to always remember – no one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. It happens only IF YOU ALLOW IT. We have the Constitution which the Democrats are not following because they are dummkopfs.


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democrats the culture of hateCall them what they are – Democrats. Twenty-First Century Democrats embody everything they used to pretend to oppose and basically oppress people while posing as the oppressed. You can’t fight oppressors if you aren’t willing to name those oppressors and too many people shy away from bluntly pointing out the common characteristic of today’s totalitarians: they are Democrats. NOT liberals. NOT progressives.  

It is DEMOCRATS who keep pushing “transition” drugs on increasingly young children, yet too many people shy away from pointing this out. It is DEMOCRATS who keep pushing to defund the police. It is DEMOCRATS who have this bizarre obsession with sexualizing children.

It is DEMOCRATS who insist just about everything makes them feel “unsafe”. It is DEMOCRATS who insist on pushing “trans” issues into virtually every piece of entertainment and increasing elements of the “educational system” (LMAO). It is DEMOCRATS who push the hatemongering gibberish of CRT.

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