KOMMONSENTSJANE – Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Karl Marx and the United Nations

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The left is making it harder to move about WordPress. The have shut down my library in Microsoft and have shut down my other computer completely.  Google and Microsoft are paid websites and both of them are not honoring their contract.  Google is making it hard to get into WP with my password.


Whitestone Fellowship

(You can listen to this by audio and pause the audio to follow important page links which are used in lieu of footnotes or references; then resume the audio when you are ready.)

Robert Welch’s prophetic warnings from his speech in 1958, “An Insider’s Plan to Destroy America”, are now a reality in America’s politics, economy, schools and society:

History and statistics show that Communists, everywhere, say one thing but live by a different set of standards and rules. History also shows they will say whatever is necessary to gain power and control and that their endgame is the antithesis of what they say. Everywhere Communism has been tried, it has gone badly. Very badly. It has brought loss of freedoms, lack of basic needs and misery; and if you resist you may face imprisonment or death – or both. (If you doubt it, look at the contemporary examples of…

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