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It is time – we can’t let them win – they (Obama/Biden) are all part of the GRAND SCHEME.

‘Let’s Roll:’ Todd Beamer, Hero Of Flight 93 On 9/11


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democrat republican otherIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog comes to you from the Biden Crime Family’s corporate fascist kleptocracy, where Democrats try to dictate what the rest of us are allowed to say, wear, post on the internet, etc. Many of their oppressive actions would not be possible without the utter worthlessness of elected Republicans, whose apparent motto continues to be “Screw our constituents! As long as we remain wealthy enough to survive what the Democrats unleash, that’s all that matters!”

BIDEN’S INFLATION HAS CAUSED RENTS TO SKYROCKET – ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS HAVE GONE UP 98%, TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS HAVE GONE UP 100%. The Biden Regime’s war on the working class and the poor continues unabated.

ANOTHER REPORT ABOUT UNDERBOSS HUNTER BIDEN FUNNELING MONEY. More HERE. And HERE. And HERE. And HERE. And remember, all of this was exposed before the forever tainted 2020 presidential election, but…

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