The mainstream media is still not covering the story and is providing cover for the Bidens while the DOJ does nothing regarding the money hunter received from Burisma Holdings, the Moscow mayor’s wife and a partnership with a Chinese firm with military ties. Per Ben Armstrong:

Liberals are above the law in America, and conservatives are under it. Everyone keeps saying we are GOING to have a two-tier justice system, but we must correct that statement. We HAVE a two-tier justice system and must fix it.

Justice must be blind, and it is not in America, thanks to the Democrat party and those Liberals in authority. Conservatives are persecuted in America, including the President of the United States. That’s how corrupt our government is.

If you are a Liberal –
You can burn buildings down and commit vandalism, yet nothing happens to you.

You can create illegal sanctuary cities and nothing will happen to you.

You can tear public property down and occupy other peoples property and no one will prosecute you.

You can rob and loot businesses and nothing happens.

You can take part in child sex trafficking as a Democrat politician with Jeffery Epstein and walk around free as a bird.

You can have your family take bribes from Ukraine and get away with it.

You can (in-return) brag about Blackmailing the Ukraine government with a billion dollars (of tax payers money) to get one prosecutor fired who is investigating your son’s corruption.

You can have family members take bribes from China. (A Billion and a half dollar Deal) and nothing will happen to you. You are a Liberal.

You can frame a sitting president.

You can lie to FISA courts.

You can collect Huge paychecks (fraud) while pretending to conduct an investigation that you knew wasn’t real on day one.

You can sell our uranium to Russia

You can have an illegal private server, share classified information on it, and lie about it. Nothing will happen to you. You can also destroy the computer and wipe the evidence (obstruction of justice) and walk away laughing.

You can order the framing of General Flynn, get caught, and walk away with a smile.

You can Illegally spy on your opponents campaign.

You can stuff the ballet box, get caught, and nothing happens to you.

There’s more but it would take all day for me to lay it out.

If you are a conservative-
You cannot assemble with more than ten people in some areas, unless you are liberal protesters, then you can.

You can be accused of sexual harassment with no evidence. Even when they can’t prove you met the person ever in your life. ( Justice Kavanaugh). The Accuser must be believed! But if you worked with the accuser as their boss and they have police reports along with a video of the complaint from your mom. (documented on CNN). (Joe Biden) You must NOT be believed and the evidence must be ignored.

If you are conservative, you could become president and have a political coup lie, spy, and try to destroy you. They can get caught red handed and your enemy’s still walk away.

You can be impeached if you dare investigate democrats committing crimes. Even though they admit to the crime and are caught bragging on tape about it.

You cannot go to church even though it is a constitutional right, because a bureaucrat said so, and they will arrest you

You cannot go to the park to play catch or go to the beach because a bureaucrat said so.

A bureaucrat can make you ware a mask under threat of the law.

Democrat politicians are above the law and Conservatives are below the law. If conservatives don’t start winning everywhere in elections, the left will unleash hell on earth.


Time for President Trump to be reinstated as the President of the United States because – he won and remove the idiot who is pretending to be the President.


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