After turning on the TV to watch the proceedings, I thought I was on the wrong station since Booker was giving his pretentious presentation about Jackson. Booker should have gone into the acting business because he sticks out like a sore thumb as a senator. He certainly is a fake.

Just too funny!


TUCKER CARLSON: Senator Cory Booker is a remarkable actor

Now, you can judge, but you have to concede that whatever else he is, Cory Booker is a remarkable actor. He is the Jessie Smollet of democratic politics.

March 24, 2022

By Alan Rugger

Tucker praises the acting talent of Senator Cory Booker, a man of opposites whose identity changes depending on the current situation. Highlights include:

“One of the best things about, say, a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, is that you get to see the US Senate in action, and this is new. If you’re like most people, you know that the Senate has 100 members, there are 2 from every state, and you know that they’re somehow important, they’re in the Constitution. So they wear dark suits and red ties to work, they talk about laws, every summer they fly to foreign countries and act like they’re president.”

“But do you really know these people? Who are they, really?”

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“It turns out that Cory Booker is not a product of the streets of Newark, not even close, he is in fact a blue-eyed rich kid from an all white suburb, his parents were IBM executives.”

“Now, you can judge, but you have to concede that whatever else he is, Cory Booker is a remarkable actor. He is the Jussie Smollett of democratic politics. A fraud, yes, but a deeply committed one. A man who has honed his skills, and those skills have been on full display this week as Booker has emoted all over Ketanji Jackson.”

“Now, Jackson is an oppressed member of the professional class, too. She went to Harvard and Harvard Law School.”

“Imagine if you worked at, say, CNN or MSNBC or NBC News and you had to pretend that that was an authentic scene that meant something, that it was rooted in some observable physical reality, that people who went to ivy league schools somehow are oppressed.”

“So, you wouldn’t want to acknowledge any of that, you wouldn’t want to point out that rather than ask a single actual question during the confirmation hearings, Cory Booker just slobbered all over the nominee. You wouldn’t be able to say any of that, so you’d have to figure out a way to ignore it, and our media dutifully did.”

“The problem is they are praising a sitting United States senator, a member of the judiciary committee, for asking zero questions during a confirmation hearing during which we’re choosing the next Supreme Court justice. They’re saying it is immoral, because of the way that she looks, to ask her real questions, to know what we’re getting before she takes the seat for life. “

‘Republicans boast they have not pulled a Kavanaugh. In fact, they’ve treated Jackson worse.’ “So, if you read the Post piece…you will find that the Post editorial board is aghast that Republicans asked Ketanji Jackson about kiddie porn, about the sentences she handed down, sentences that fell far beneath federal sentencing guidelines. Ketanji Brown’s explanation for her low sentences were that the guidelines were written before the internet. Now the people can amass huge amounts of kiddie porn, the guidelines are too strict. That was honestly her explanation.”


Any person that supports kiddie porn – something in the back of her mind is the cause. Do Blacks think differently about sexual encounters? More probing, please.

Since Jackson was unable to define a woman, let me do it for her:

Definition of a woman:

The third definition points out that a virtuous woman is chaste. Some of the definitions of chaste are clean, innocent, modest, and pure. As women, God calls us to be clean through His saving blood and then to live lives that are pure and modest. Being modest applies not only to the way that we dress but also the way that we live.


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