KOMMONSENTSJANE – Robin Kelley on Why the Struggle for Justice Will Never End

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Life has always been about politics/work and people struggling with freedom of ideas as the base. There isn’t any way you can make all people equal because there are some people who do not think being wealthy is important. Throughout history there have been Kings – and we still have them in the world. In the past, different white ethnic groups have been “picked” on. Now it happens to be the blacks who are being picked as unequal.  The problem is the corporations throughout the world are full of the “old European thinking of pecking” order and at this time the corporations (One World Order) made their selection – it is not the past ethnic group but the blacks – who have been selected to be the victims in society and the white people are the villains.

Someone will always be blamed for others failings in society. That is part of being a capitalistic system where Democracy is the caboose.

No matter what system of government you have -it is never equal – plain and simple. Freedom always wins in the eyes of the citizens as we are witnessing in Ukraine.  You must always remember that socialism never works; but, stupid people who want the power over the people don’t care whether socialism works.  They just want the power and stealing the people’s money and goods.

The following was good advice – but the people either elected Obama or they cheated.  I pick the latter.  Never the less, Obama was the terrorists and we have a depraved electorate who are communists/socialists.



Dada Nzigire

Recently I listened to an episode of Throughline called “There are No Utopias.” It features a long interview with the historian Robin Kelley, who is an expert on social movements in the United States and is well known for his critiques of capitalism as it relates to race. He has also published widely on Black American art, music, and culture.

Listening to this Throughline episode inspired me to start writing some of my podcast-listener thoughts again, and there were several things in this episode that struck me. First, I learned some really interesting things about the labor movement during the Cold War. I already had a general sense of a backlash against labor in which it was construed as “anti-American,” but I wasn’t aware of the ways in which labor was actually empowered — or felt empowered — during the Cold War. And that came from a…

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