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Is this just the next step of the elected World Leaders/the unelected rich economic forum to call up another virus to shut us down again.  The Covid killed a lot of people/the Ukraine/Russia  war took its toll in killing a lot of folks, and now Fauci is calling for another virus to be brought forward since the Ukraine/Russia war seems to be cooling down.  And, Biden is spending that printed money throughout the world like – we have just struck our first oil well.

Now, they have to rearrange the three-legged stools instead of four-legged ones on their ship of change cause things aren’t falling into place and the world is unbalanced at the moment.

Excerpt:  Sanctimonious BS: Europe is paying Putin – ready for this – $550,000,000 PER DAY(1) for oil & gas!


Is British helping the One World Order unelected folks?  Does anyone think that China/Russia/Iran leaders are going to allow one fellow to run the world.  Someone has their head stuck in the sand.

Looks like the British are continuing to play the U.S. for fools by supporting Putin and continuing to do business with him. Remember the British were involved with Obama/Biden in the President Trump dossier.


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Sanctimonious BS: Europe is paying Putin – ready for this – $550,000,000 PER DAY(1) for oil & gas!

Sanctions exemption!

Europe is the paymaster for Putin’s destruction of Ukraine.

note (1) https://www.manager-magazin.de/politik/russland-im-krieg-gegen-die-ukraine-so-sehr-treffen-die-sanktionen-russlands-wirtschaft-wirklich-a-57673312-42c1-4189-84f3-cebb7c0ec794

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