KOMMONSENTSJANE – Dems Don’t Want You To Know How Much Fossil Fuel Electric Cars Use | Batteries Are Fancy/Expensive/Toxic Fossil Fuel Tanks

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Why would I believe anything that a Democrats supports – they lie.



24 Things Wrong With Electric Cars Millennials Choose To Ignore

You aren’t going to travel very far – for sure and the cost will be prohibitive to some people.

You will still have to have oil to grease any piece of equipment.  You can’t get away from fossil fuels.


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In reality, one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations was reported to get13 percent of their energy from natural gas and 27 percent from coal. Power plants burn coal to generate electricity to power electric cars and emit ahigher fossil fuel footprintthan the left would care to admit.

While these vehicles may be falsely advertised, many who invest in these overpriced cars are able to avoid paying the currently outrageous gas prices. Still, Americans’ growing reliance on electric cars and the batteries they require will increase our dependence on countries such as China for materials. 

Dems Don’t Want You To Know How Much Fossil Fuel Electric Cars Use

I love the idea of electric cars until I think of all the pollution they cause. Rare earth mineral mining is a pollution nightmare. Filling the batteries with power from fossil fuel is asinine, a shell game. Disposal of toxic…

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