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democrat republican or awakeIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at yet ANOTHER collapse of anti-Trump and pro-Biden lies told by the Democrats and their media outlets. They lied about “Russian Collusion” (LMAO), they lied about and/or simply fabricated remarks supposedly said by Trump, and on and on. Their lies about the January 6th protests being “an insurrection” have been falling apart, too. For links to reminders about these stories see below. 

The main topic of this blog post is to remind readers of the pattern followed by these anti-Trump lies – the Democrats and their media outlets would insist the stories were true (as if those insistences were somehow proof) and would try to laugh off the skeptics as being victims of misinformation or even more insulting terms.

media biasInevitably, as the lies about Trump have fallen apart over time, the Democrats and their media outlets give a few token retractions of…

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