Kamala’s hardware is not wired for this gig. The storage box is missing.

White House Suddenly Changes Kamala Harris’ Words

(PresidentialHill.com)- While addressing Congressional Democrats at the DNC Winter Retreat on Saturday, Vice President Kamala Harris made a comment that appeared to indicate that she is unaware that Ukraine is not a part of NATO.

The bungling Harris, desperate to sound like she knows what she’s talking about, declared that she will say “over and over again: The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in the defense of the NATO alliance.”

And the Democrat Congressional clapping seals wildly applauded.

Yeah, Ukraine is not part of the NATO alliance. Ukraine is not a NATO member.

When the White House posted Kamala’s remarks to the official White House website, somebody tried to correct Kamala’s bungling by adding a bracketed [and] to her speech so the quote now read: “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people [and] in the defense of the NATO alliance.”

The implication here is that Kamala simply misspoke.

But if she misspoke, why did she do it again three days later?

Tuesday afternoon, Kamala tweeted a picture of herself greeting US troops in Poland and closed her tweet by once again saying “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance.”

Well, she did tell us she would say it “over and over again.” We can’t say we weren’t forewarned.

The poor White House comms team. They can’t edit tweets, so they were unable to insert a bracketed [and] the way they did in transcripts at the White House website.

Left with no other option, Kamala’s team deleted the tweet and then tweeted the same thing again, this time with the word “and” added between “the Ukrainian people” and “in defense of the NATO alliance.”

Maybe someone needs to sit Kamala down and give her a basic tutorial on who is and who is not a member of NATO.


Forget that – after the tutorial – everything goes back to zero. Cackling is in the storage box. Sorry – that ladder she climbed didn’t have any rungs.


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